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A painting retreat in the heart of Malaga's countryside.

Surround yourself with nature to get inspired and guided by the best tutors recognised worldwide.

Pursue Your Dreams

Our Background

Food for the Soul

Arts Infinitum is a project originated from an act of love and passion for art. From Arts Infinitum we would like to create a space where, in a context of nature, peace and abstraction from everyday's world, we can learn and inspire from each other's art practice.

We, as artists as well, understand how essential it is to learn from the masters of painting and drawing.  In this new endevour we would like to offer to you the opportunity to learn from those that master the creative process and have a proven recordof guiding and training others in the art of creation.



28th April to 4th May



Nicolás Uribe

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"The world is but a canvas to our imagination"

Henry David Thoreau

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